At the Thomas C. Orr Law Offices, P.C., we take the time to listen and explain your options and then we work on results. What good is legal service if you don’t understand the approach? When we meet with clients in our office, whether the meeting is the first or we have been meeting with you for years, you are our guest and we treat you as such. During our meetings our goal is to use this time in an efficient manner to hear your needs and goals, explain and present a plan of action in easy to understand terms, so that you will feel comfortable with the plan when you leave the meeting. ¬†We realize your estate or business, large or small, is something you worked hard to create, and we are committed to help you protect it.

With that goal in mind, we have developed four pillars that we adhere to when providing legal services.


First and foremost, we adhere to a high level of integrity and ethics, both professionally and personally, and those ethics are kept at the forefront of our mind as we work with our clients.


While the work we do is not simple, we are committed to explaining issues in a simple manner as well as providing the most simple solution possible.


We work hard to stay current with the most advanced techniques for the areas of practice in which I focus committing to take time to attend conferences related to those topics and regularly communicate with other professionals practicing in those areas in order to provide the advice and service that our clients deserve.


Not everything we do takes a high level of sophistication; however, when needed, we are capable of the highly sophisticated planning found at large firms while maintaining a small firm personal touch.