Real Estate Law

When it comes to landlord & tenant law, Thomas C. Orr Law Offices, offers the kind of quality legal counseling that comes from over 23 years of experience in the field of landlord and tenant issues throughout Montana. I will help you draft effective and enforceable leases, guide you through the many rules and regulations, advise you on your responsibilities and ensure that you are able to protect your rights.

I only represent Landlords and Property Managers. My goal is the same as yours – full units with compliant tenants paying the rent on time and in full. We can evict your tenants when necessary. Trust us to get you around the curves ahead.

Effective, Efficient and Fast

My firm can provide you with assistance pertaining to any aspect of real property law in Montana, including matters such as:

  • Lease Drafting – Having a clear and proper lease document is the first key to avoiding disputes in the landlord-tenant relationship. Let our office take care of all of your Montana real estate contract needs.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements—Buying or selling your home or other property? We represent one part of the transaction and think hard about the details to protect you against something going wrong. This not something that all real estate agents who often represent both seller and buyer do.
  • Security Deposits – Must be applied in strict accordance with Montana law. However, the landlord can withhold the security deposit for a number of reasons such as unpaid rent or damage to the property.
  • Notifications and Inspections – The landlord or property manager must inspect the premises upon the start of a new tenancy and note any pre-existing damage or indication of mold. Tenants must be informed of any mortgage default notices given on the property. Recent changes to Montana tenant law regulate the timing and manner of these regulations. Let me advise you on how to best comply with or enforce any notification and inspection requirements.
  • Evictions and Unlawful Detainers – Montana landlords are not authorized to unilaterally evict tenants or cut off their utilities. Eviction actions must be done with court approval. The process involves a variety of notices, all of which must be carefully prepared and served. Each phase of the process is subject to its own set of deadlines and specific procedures. As an experienced landlord attorney I can help to ensure that the proper eviction procedures are followed and that your rights are fully preserved.

Whether you require a residential real estate lawyer, a zoning lawyer or a commercial real estate attorney can guide you through any legal hurdle and help you to enforce your rights.